ISDN-PRI Application not available

Applies to

FTBx -8880 and FTBx-8870


User has the correct module that supports ISDN PRI testing and has the correct Software options (ISDN and DSn) enabled on the unit.

However, when launching NetBlazer, the PRI Application is not present.


  • Test Application: ISDN-PRI
  • FTBx-8870 and FTB-x-8880 modules on FTB-1-V2 Pro Dual Carrier or HP Dual Carrier

NOTE: This could also occur with the older FTB-870Q and the FTB-880Q


The module is not inserted in the right slot or user is not launching the correct part of the Q NetBlazer module  


Ensure that the FTBx module is inserted in the right slot or that you are using the correct side of the FTB-8X0Q module as per details just below.


FTBx-8870 and FTBx-8880

By Design, ISDN PRI is only available on SLOT-1 of the FTB-1 V2 Pro-Dual Carrier or HighPower Dual Carrier  platforms. Ensure to insert your FTBx module in Slot 1.


FTB-870Q and FTB-880Q

By Design, ISDN PRI is only available on PART-A of 870Q/880Q module on FTB-1 V2 pro platforms. Ensure that you are using Part A of the module.