Updating the firmware on the EX1/EX10

Applies to

EX1 and EX10


The procedure below explains how to update the Firmware on the EX1/EX10 device, following an update of the EXs mobile application on an Android or iOS smartphone. The procedure also provides some troubleshooting steps in case you see an error message.


1. If Auto-update is enabled on your smartphone application, it is possible that the EXs application was updated without you being aware.

2. The first time you try to use your EX1/EX10 following the update to the mobile application, you may see the Incompatibility Detected message, informing you to update the firmware on the device.


Procedure to follow

1. After updating the EXFO EXs mobile application through your smart device app store, connect to the EX1/EX10 POD. 

2. Click on EX1/EX10 to pair with the POD, then accept the agreement.

3. Select the gear icon to configure the device to connect with an available network (EX10 requires an RJ45 connection; EX1 can be updated with RJ45 or WIFI connection)

4. Check the and ensure the device has an IP address. 


6. During the firmware download and installation, the power button LED on EX1 POD flashes amber and flashes white on the EX10.

7. Once the installation is completed, the EXFO EX1/EX10 device is automatically rebooted and the connection to the smart device will be re-established.


Troubleshooting Steps

If you see one of the messages below, follow the troubleshooting steps shown after the images.



Possible Warning: No Network Connection on 10/100/1000M Electrical

Proposed Solution: 

  • Ensure network connectivity through the RJ-45 interface
  • Check Network settings (DHCP, or Static IP) and confirm an IP address has been assigned
  • Charge the battery to at least 30%
  • Once a Network connection is enabled, the software download and installation can proceed


Possible Warning: No Network Connection on Wi-Fi

Proposed Solution:

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network
  • Charge the battery to at least 30%
  • Once a Network connection is enabled, the software download and installation can proceed


If the above steps do not resolve the problem, you may try performing a reset to factory default settings

You will find the restore to factory default settings procedure in the user manual or in the following Knowledge Base article (Reset EX1 to factory default)

Resetting the EX1/EX10 to its factory default settings performs the following;

  • Returns to factory firmware version
  • Returns to factory default settings
  • Clears all test reports from the device memory