Closed circuit resistance test for verification of Copper Test leads

Applies to

MaxTester 600 Series


A guide to performing a closed circuit resistance test for verification of the Copper Test leads. This is a useful validation for when the Copper measurements are not as expected.

Procedure to follow

1. Connect all three test leads (A, B and Earth) together to form a closed electrical circuit.

2. On your EXFO MAX Tester, press the Home button on the keypad and select Copper Test.

3. Select Multimeter.

4. Select Resistance.

A closed circuit should give 0 Ohms (or close to) across all three pairs (as shown in the picture below).

If you observe high resistance on one or more pair then this could indicate a problem with the test leads or crocodile clips. Try with a new set of test leads and clips by following the procedure MaxTester 600 series - Compensating the Copper test leads