Guide for finding the Part Numbers and Serial Numbers of EXFO products?

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Where can I find the Serial numbers of EXFO products?


For most products the serial number (SN) is found on a label attached to the product, and also is often available in the software interface. 

An example of the label is shown below.

  • P/N - Part Number
  • S/N - Serial Number with barcode
  • Ver - Hardware Version
  • Mfg Date - Manufacturing Month/Year

Sometimes, particularly with modular platforms and modules, there are several labels identifying the different components. It may not always be obvious which label is for which component. The documents linked below will help to find the specific label you may be looking for.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that when requesting an RMA for service, it is best to include all the S/N's of the components that you are returning to EXFO. Otherwise, there may be additional delay's in processing your RMA.

If your product is one of those found below, please read the corresponding document (PDF) to help with finding and reporting to us all relevant serial numbers.


If your product is not a platform nor a module that inserts within one of the above platforms, you can normally find the label on the back of the product.

Click here for technical support if you do not find the information for your specific product.