FastReporter - Restore missing or modified information windows (Results, Measurements, etc.)

Applies to

FastReporter2, FastReporter3


Sometimes you may observe an issue with FastReporter display windows ( Results, Measurements, Files, Matched Files, or Identifiers) not appearing correctly or missing from the view when selected. One example is shown below, where the information windows have been moved and/or resized.

This problem is easily resolved by deleting the FastReporter configuration files.


Procedure to follow

To resolve the issue with any of the windows missing or displayed incorrectly, you need to delete the FastReporter configuration files which will return the application to its default view.

1. Close the FastReporter application.

2. Navigate to Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization

3. Select File Explorer Options - Show hidden files and folders and select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and ok the selection.

Hidden Files Option

4. Then navigate to C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local

5. Then select and delete the following folders:

     EXFO Inc



6. Reopen the FastReporter application and the default configuration will have been applied and the missing windows will be now present with the default user interface as shown below.