Will iOptics qualify bidirectional Optical SFP's/QSFP's?

Applies to

FTBx-88xxx Series


Is the iOptics test application capable of qualifying bidirectional Optics? 


Yes, the iOptics test application is capable of qualifying MSA-Compliant bidirectional SFP's/QSFP's, or optical transceivers. Since the iOptics test application requires a physical loopback, it is important to have a second bidirectional optical transceiver seated in the same module as the transceiver under test.

When in the iOptics test application, ensure the bidirectional check box is selected, and a physical loopback is inserted. 

For reference : the second optical transceiver is used to perform a loopback and is not qualified. The iOptics application will only qualify the transceiver highlighted as the Device Under Test. In order to test the second optical transceiver, a second iOptics test will need to be completed after changing the Device Under Test.