FastReporter 3 allows to merge OLTS measurements coming from several OLTS files.

Applies to

FOT-930/FTB-3930 and MAX-940/945, FTB/FTBx-940/945


You might want to merge several measurement files to create a single file. This can be useful for example if you have downloaded several single-measurement files from the TestFlow server.

Procedure to follow

  1. Open the files you want to merge and highlight them all in the "Files" tab.
  2. Click on "OLTS" from the ribbon.

  1. Click on the "Merge Measurements" button; you may also find the "Merge" feature by right clicking the measurements in the "Measurements" tab.

Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated

  1. Manage the file name and location as needed.


Note: Files coming from FOT-930/FTB-3930 cannot be merged with files coming from MAX-940/945, FTB/FTBx-940/945.