Maxtester stops at splashscreen while booting

Applies to

MAX-700B/C/D series, MAX-FIP, MAX-900 series, MAX-5205


During the startup process on rare occasions the unit may stop booting at the "world" splash screen.

Troubleshooting steps

Possible Cause 1: Unit is in an undefined state.

Proposed Solution

  • Press and hold down the “Power” button for 20 seconds.
  • Keep holding until 20 seconds have been reached, release the button.
  • Power on the unit normally.


Possible Cause 2: Some files are corrupted.

Proposed Solution

  • Perform a recovery.
  • Follow the instructions in this article.

Possible Cause 3: Unit power management is in an undefined state.

Proposed Solution

  • Contact EXFO Technical Support for instructions on how to access the battery.
  • Momentarily disconnect the battery.
  • Power on the unit. 


Possible Cause 4: Unit requires repair.

Proposed Solution