Can I update the software on a MAX Optical tester without using a USB memory device?

Applies to

MAX-700B series, MAX-700C series, MAX-FIP, MAX-900 series, MAX-5205


Can I update the software and/or system image without using a USB memory device?


Although transferring and installing software updates from a USB device is the most common procedure (found here), depending on your environment and company infrastructure, you may have several options for transferring and installing a new software system image using the wired or wireless ethernet port.

  1. EXFO Connect - If your company has an EXFO Connect account, this can be configured to manage software updates.
  2. FTP Server application - This is pre-installed on the MaxTester. It can no longer be used with a Browser on your PC (security restrictions in more recent browsers) , however it can still be used with an FTP client such as WinSCP installed on your PC.
  3.  Shared Folder - You can create a shared folder on your PC that could be used to copy files. This will require ADMIN rights on your PC, however it may be blocked by your IT security policy.



  • Due to the size of the system image files it is recommended to use either a good quality WIFI connection or a wired LAN network to transfer the files
  • The MaxTester uses a Windows CE operating system