Windows 8.1 Pro Reset procedure

Applies to

Windows 8.1 PRO version ONLY of FTB-1v2-PRO, FTB-2-PRO, FTB-500 , IQS-600 & LTB-8


NOTE: This procedure applies to platforms with a Windows 8.1 PRO operating system. You will find a different procedure for Windows 8.

If you are unsure which Windows version you have, swipe left from right edge of the screen then click “Settings” from the bottom of the Charm bar and click “PC Info” or onto «System» and then «About».

The reset procedure detailed below will leave the platform in the following state:

  • The unit will be reverted to its initial state (Factory Reset).
  • All data files will be lost once the reset is complete.
  • If you have installed products and updates since you purchased your unit, you will have to reinstall them.

This procedure could be useful if you experience abnormal behavior, or if you suspect that files or settings have become corrupted.

Procedure to follow

IMPORTANT - Before Starting

  • Backup any important data.
  • Ensure the unit is connected to an AC outlet.


1. Swipe left from the right edge of the screen then click “Settings” from the bottom of the Charm bar.

2. Click “Change PC Settings”.

3. Click “Update and Recovery”.

4. Click “Recovery”.

5. Tap “Get Started” underneath “Remove everything and reinstall Windows”.

6. Tap “Next” after you read what will happen during the “Reset”.

7. Tap “Just remove my files”.

8. The unit will restart automatically, and the Reset will take approximately 25 minutes. During this period, you will see the progress increase towards completion.

9. Once the Reset is complete you will be prompted to accept the license and safety terms and then follow the on-screen instructions.

10. Your mainframe will be ready to use.