Using Update Manager on Platforms with ESU installed

Applies to

FTB-1V2, FTB-1V2 PRO, FTB-2, FTB-2 PRO, FTB-4, MAX-800 series, LTB-1, LTB-2, LTB-8, LTB-12


Can I still access Update Manager on platforms with EXFO Software Update (ESU) installed?


The short answer is YES, however for the majority of users you will not need to access Update Manager, and for this reason it is no longer available on the platform desktop. Nevertheless, EXFO Update Manager is still available for specific situations, for example:

  • Installing a specific version of software.
  • Installing a previous version of software.
  • Installing a pre-release version that you may have received.
  • Maintaining specific versions on your pool of test equipment. 
  • Performing off-line software updates from a USB device.
  • Identify which software is currently installed on your platform. 


NOTE: A user guide for Update Manager is attached to this article and can be downloaded from the following link: Update Manager User Guide


To Access Update Manager,

1. Click on the about / information icon

2. Click on the link below Update Manager

3. Select "OK"