Speedtest - Test Aborted - Report Count Exceeded

Applies to

EX1, EX10


The EXFO EX1 and EX10 will save a maximum of 500 reports to the internal storage. Once the storage is full, the Speedtest cannot be run. If the test is started, the device will display - Test Aborted - Report Count Exceeded

Procedure to follow

Here are the steps to select and delete reports from the EX1 and/or EX10 internal memory storage;

  • Select the Menu at the top left,
  • Enter into the Reports page,
  • Touch on the gauge () to the left of the report to bring up an additional menu,
  • To select all reports, touch on the check-mark () on the top right of the application; to select only a few reports, touch on the gauge () of the preferred reports,
  • Use the trash can button () to delete the selected test reports.