APC connector detected as a fusion splice

Applies to

OTDR, iOLM and FastReporter 3


How is it that an APC connector can be detected as a splice in the event table or test result?


Generally when testing with an OTDR or iOLM instrument;

  • A properly made fusion splice will show as a non-reflective event, meaning that there is no detectable reflection in the iOLM/OTDR acquisition,
  • A connector pair will show as a reflective event, meaning that there is a measurable reflection in the iOLM/OTDR acquisition.

However with the advances in technology (polishing and alignment)  and installation procedures (proper inspection and cleaning), it is not uncommon to see an APC connector pair with unmeasurable reflectance. In such cases, it could be identified as a fusion splice instead of a connector.

When this happens you have the option to manually over-ride the event detection and change it to a connector. This can be achieved within the iOLM/OTDR application itself or when using the post-processing FastReporter 3 software.



1. The image below shows where to change the element type within the iOLM application.


2. To change the element type within FastReporter 3

     a) Right click on the element to change

     b) Select Change Element Type


     c) In the Element Properties table, select the appropriate Type, and then select OK