Real Time feature not displayed in the iOLM application

Applies to

iOLM, MAX-700B/C/D series, FTB-700 series, FTBx-700C/D series


Real Time is a feature included as part of the iADV software bundle 

Real Time

Allows you to activate the ODTR laser directly from the iOLM application interface. The ODTR laser is activated in continuous shooting mode and adjusts parameters without stopping or returning to submenus. The trace refreshes in real time, making it possible to monitor the fiber for sudden changes. Perfect for a quick overview of the fiber under test, distance to an identified break, to control field splicing or to check for obvious impairments before launching an iOLM thorough characterization.


Real Time button not displayed in the iOLM application

If the iADV software option is enabled but the Real Time button is not displayed in the iOLM application then make sure it is check marked under User Preferences: