Recommended Calibration Interval

Applies to

Most EXFO Test & Measurement products


Where can I find the recommended calibration interval for my EXFO product?


At EXFO, manufacturing and service center calibrations and verifications are based on the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard, which states that calibration documents must not contain a recommended calibration interval, unless this has been previously agreed upon with the customer.
Validity of specifications depends on operating conditions. For example, the calibration validity can be longer or shorter depending on the intensity of use, environmental conditions and unit maintenance. You should determine the adequate calibration or verification interval for your unit according to your accuracy requirements.
However, under normal use, EXFO standard recommended interval can be found in 2 documents. 
  1. In the product user manual in the Maintenance chapter.
  2. For convenience we have created the attached document that contains a summary for most EXFO Test & Measurement products. Click this link to download the document.