Advantages of keeping software and firmware up to date?

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Most Products


What are the benefits of keeping your EXFO product's software and firmware up to date?


Although updating software and firmware may require some time, there are significant benefits having the most recent versions. Some of the benefits are;

  • Access to new features that improve the efficiency and usability of the product;
  • Obtaining fixes for any software defects that may have been reported;
  • Ensuring compatibility with new products or options;
  • Obtaining any security improvements that may have been implemented;
  • Ensuring ease of maintenance where upgrading some software/firmware from a really old version to a newer one.


EXFO has developed efficient tools for each product line to make this as easy and efficient as possible. 

  • EXFO software update (ESU) for your FTB  and LTB  platforms.
  • Downloading the latest system image for your MaxTester.
  • App stores for your mobile applications on iOS and Android devices.
  • Integration with FastReporter 3
  • ConnectorMax 2 for your recent fiber inspection probes



  1. Please refer to your product's user guide for detailed instructions on software and firmware updates.
  2. Search this knowledge base for articles providing complementary information for your different products.
  3. Contact our technical support department if you have questions or need assistance.