Updating Optical Explorer through FastReporter 3 (version 3.11 and above)

Applies to

All OX1 and OX1-PRO handheld units


This is how to update your OX1 and OX1-PRO through FastReporter 3

Procedure to follow

1. Launch FastReporter 3 (version 3.11 or above).

Note: To get the latest version of FastReporter 3, please visit the download software page of EXFO.com.

2. Connect your OX1 to the PC with the appropriate USB cable, and then power on the OX1

3. In the FastReporter application, then click "Instrument" menu.

4. In the submenu, click "Update".

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5. FastReporter will scan for connected instruments.

6. In the list of connected instruments, click on the instrument you want to update.

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7. The system will inform you whether an update is available.

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8. Click Update to complete the procedure