MaxTester 635 Software Update

Applies to

MaxTester 6xx Series


Prior to completing the update, it would be important to ensure the USB drive is formatted for FAT32 file type (exFAT for anything larger than 64GB)

To update the MaxTester 6xx Series device, follow the procedure below

Procedure to follow

1. Download the latest update files from the EXFO Apps at:

2. Extract the files to a USB flash drive, into a folder named SoftwareUpdate. The file directory should be configured as follows

3. Shut down your unit by pressing Power button (all LEDs off, no DC IN)

4. Insert the USB key on your unit; any USB port will work

5. Restart your MaxTester by pressing the power button

6. When the End User License Agreement (EULA) is displayed, accept it. The installation will then proceed and may take up to 10 minutes. The MaxTester will perform multiple reboots during this sequence

7. Once installation is complete, the MaxTester will display the home screen and you may remove the USB drive from the MaxTester