What EXFO software allows me to open SOR files?

Applies to

FastReporter 2, FastReporter 3, Bellcore format SOR files


What EXFO software should I use to open .SOR files?


To open industry standard Bellcore OTDR SOR version 1.0 and 2.0 files, EXFO offers the FastReporter 3 reporting application.

FastReporter 3 also includes a full suite of reporting tools for many other EXFO products, having replaced the previous FastReporter 2.

You can download FastReporter 3 from the EXFO website Download Software page or access directly the version for PC using this link FastReporter 3.

If required, please refer to related articles on downloading and installing FastReporter 3 for additional details. 

Please Note:

  • You will need to have logged into your EXFO My account or register to create your account, in order to access the download area. 
  • When installing FastReporter 3 for the first time you will also need to have or create a Testflow account (which will provide a full trial version for 90 days.)
  • When you are logging into FastReporter 3 you will need to use your Testflow account login credentials.  After the 90-day trial period, if you do not purchase a subscription, your FastReporter 3 plan will revert to the Starter Plan which will allow you to perform only basic viewing and reporting functions.