Changing Windows Update settings to Manual.

Applies to

FTB-1V2, FTB-1V2 PRO, FTB-2, FTB-2 PRO, FTB-4, MAX-800 series, LTB-1, LTB-2, LTB-8, LTB-12


Some applications running on your EXFO platform may require access to an external network, EXFO Software Updater(ESU) for example.
If it has been a long time since your platform has been connected to an external network, there may be many Microsoft Windows updates pending. Some Windows updates can take several hours to install. If you want to avoid these updates or perform them at a time appropriate for you (recommended), we suggest to set the Windows Update Settings to “Manual”.
This allows you to determine the best time to perform these important updates.

Procedure to follow

Setting Windows update to manual (Windows 10)

(find the procedure for Windows 8/8.1 further below)

1. Using a keyboard press the Windows key + R; Enter "Services.msc" then press "Enter"

2. Scroll down until you find "Windows Update"

3. Right-click on "Windows Update" and hit "Properties"

4. In the "General" tab set the Startup type to "Manual"

5. Click "Apply" then "OK"

6. Restart your platform


Setting Windows update to manual (Windows 8 and 8.1)

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Go to "System and Security/Windows Update"

3. Click "Change settings"

4. Under "Important updates" select "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and
install them" as below: