How to create a new test configuration using the iOLM application

Applies to

iOLM, MAX-700B/C/D series, FTB-700 series, FTBx-700C/D series


The procedure described in this article explains how to create a new custom test configuration using the iOLM application. This allows you to set specific testing parameters and pass/fail criteria. 

Note: This article gives a summary overview however the material is covered in detail in the iOLM user guide.

Procedure to follow

Open the iOLM application:

1. From the main menu, tap Test Configuration

2. In the list of available test configurations, select the configuration that is closest to the one you want to create, then tap Duplicate

3. A default name is suggested for the new configuration.

Change the name as needed, then tap Save.

4. Tap the Modify button to change the setting according to your needs:

5.    Go through each of the available configuration tabs to specify your test configuration. 

          > Properties

         > Link Definition

         > iOLM P/F Thresholds

         > OPM P/F Thresholds (if available)

6. Tap OK to confirm your changes and close the window. 

This completes the creation of a new iOLM test configuration  Your new custom test configuration will be available for use in the Test Configuration selection page.