Managing your workspaces in EXFO Exchange

Applies to

EXFO Exchange


When managing your workspaces in the Exchange web application, there are a couple of key aspects you need to be aware of.

The workspaces can be seen as a hierarchy of folders, where you can define your jobs and upload your test results. Your organization is the "root" of this hierarchy.

Each workspace can have sub-workspaces, depending on how you want to structure your work.

Also, each workspace can have its own member's access. A member who has access to a particular workspace also gains access to all its sub-workspaces.

Note: You can learn more about inviting users in workspaces in the following article: Inviting users to your EXFO EXchange Organization

In this article the following topics are covered.

A - Selecting the current workspace

B - Listing workspaces

C - Renaming a workspace

D - Deleting a workspace

Procedure to follow

A - Selecting the current workspace

First, all actions in the Exchange web application are done in the context of the "current workspace", which is identified in the top-right corner of the screen (next to your name)

To change the current workspace, you must click on the dropdown menu and select the workspace you wish to work into.

Note 1: You can "expand" a workspace to see its sub-workspace, by clicking on the arrow next to its name

Note 2: You can instantly search for the right workspace by typing its name in the filter box

The "current workspace" is also displayed at the top of the home page

B - Listing workspaces

You can view all workspaces under the current workspace, by navigating to the Workspaces page.

1. Click on the settings icon from the navigation bar

2. Select Workspaces

IMPORTANT: The Workspaces page lists only the workspaces under the current workspace. To list the workspaces under another workspace, you need to change the current workspace first.


C - Renaming a workspace

You can rename the current workspace from the home page, by hovering its name with the mouse and clicking on it.

You can also rename any workspace under the current workspace from the Workspaces page

D - Deleting a workspace

It is currently not possible to delete a workspace from the Exchange web application. This feature will be available soon.