iOLM/OTDR or OLTS software ICON missing from MAX Optical tester desktop

Applies to

MAX-700B/C/D series, MAX-900 Series


The OTDR and/or iOLM  ( MAX-700B and MAX-700C) application icon's are missing from the units desktop on bootup.

The OLTS ( MAX-900 series) application icon is missing from the units desktop on bootup.

Troubleshooting steps

Possible Cause 1: OTDR/iOLM ONLY - The unit may not have the necessary license to use both the OTDR and the iOLM application.

Proposed Solution: 

  • In this situation you should see either the OTDR application icon or the iOLM application. You can check the options available by opening the Configuration panel, and selecting Software Options.
  • If only OTDR or iOLM is active, then it is normal to only see the application icon for that option.
  • If you need both iOLM and OTDR options, please contact our inside sales team.


Possible Cause 2: The USB cable connector between the Host unit and the internal module is unseated.

Proposed Solution: 

  • Reset the connector on the Host unit. This will require some basic tools and manipulation.
  • Our Technical support team is available to help.


Possible Cause 3: There may be a software configuration issue.

Proposed Solution: 


Possible Cause 4: The USB cable/connector between the Host unit and the internal module is faulty, or possibly some other HW fault.

Proposed Solution:

  • This will require a repair service.
  • Please request an RMA for repair at an EXFO authorized service center.