How to delete temporary data from the MAX Optical Tester Temp folder

Applies to

MAX-700B/C/D series, MAX-900 series,


The following procedure covers how to delete the temporary files in the MAX Optical testers temp folder.

Procedure to follow

1. Ensure no EXFO applications are currently running on the MAX Optical tester

2. Open the File Manager application from the MAX Optical tester's desktop

File Manager

3. File Manager automatically opens in the \Data folder. You will need to navigate to the My Device folder by selecting the folder up button:

4. Once you have navigated to the My Device folder you can proceed with the next steps.

My Device folder

5. Select View from the Menu bar, and then select Options in the drop down list:


6. Deselect all the check buttons and then select OK:

7. Now open the Temp folder in the File Explorer, and then select Edit on the top menu bar, and then select Select All from the list. All the files inside of the Temp folder are not selected.

All the files in the Temp folder will now be highlighted:

8. Now select the delete button on the top menu bar (red cross) and then select Yes in the dialog box to clean the Temp folder: