Procedure to apply software key to MaxTester 6xx

Applies to

MaxTester 600 Series


Installation instructions for the MaxTester 600 software licenses

It is important to validate these steps prior to completing the procedure below. 

  • the USB stick needs to be formatted for FAT32, otherwise the MAX is unable to read the drive. Most drives are already this format but best to check
  • the folder must be named softwareupdate. If there is any space in between, it will not work
  • The charging cable must be removed to fully shut down the MaxTester

Note : IF you are still experiencing troubles with the key activation, it is recommended to validate again the above and try with another USB stick


Procedure to follow

  1. Create a new folder on a USB stick and name it “SoftwareUpdate
  2. Download and copy the .key file to the SoftwareUpdate directory on the USB Stick; it should look as below. Note the serial number of the MaxTester is in the software file name.

  1. Ensure the Maxtester is not plugged into any charger and a test is not running, and then perform a full shut down. To perform a full shut down, hold the power button until “Shutting Down” is displayed on the screen.
  2. Insert the USB stick with the saved .key file into any of the two USB ports available.
  3. Turn the unit on by pressing the power button, or inserting the charger. During the boot up sequence, a message will appear on your screen “Checking for Software Options”
  4. To confirm that the installation was successful, go to System | Software Options and the added options will now have a green check mark next to the option. Note to toggle through the tabs to view DSL, Copper, or Platform Options.