Optical Explorer (OX1) Software Update via Wi-Fi connection

Applies to

OX1 series - 1.9 and above


This procedure is for units running on software release version 1.9 and above


The interactions between your OX1 unit and the EXFO update server (to retrieve firmware and software updates) are accomplished using a connection to a wireless network

The OX1 software update process is fully automatic once you have completed the initial Wi-Fi configuration setup on the OX1 unit and successfully connected to the internet.


Note: For a trouble-free upgrade, ensure that you connect your unit to a power outlet and that your unit remains on during the entire upgrade process.


Note: The OX1 Wi-Fi configuration can also be set up via the EXFO Exchange Mobile application which is covered in the following article:  KB0011341



Procedure to follow


Ensure to enable the wireless communication on your OX1 unit if not already done:

1. From the main menu, tap Settings.

OX1 Settings

2. Use the Wi-Fi toggle to enable the communication as required

WI-FI Toggle on/off

3. Tap Wi-Fi

4. To enable available networks, tap the item corresponding to the wireless network that you want to configure

WI-FI configuration status

Note: No garbage bin icon appearing next to the networks that have not been configured yet

5. If the network is protected by a network security key (password), you will be prompted to enter it at this point. If the password is correct the application will automatically establish a Wi-Fi connection.

WI-FI password

6. From the main menu, tap Settings

7. Scroll down to the Device Settings section

8. Tap Software update. The unit will start to check for updates automatically.

OX1 software update

9. Follow the on-screen instructions. if an update is available and you choose to install it, your unit will restart automatically at the end to complete the process.

Note: further information about the OX1 WI-FI network configuration and software update options can be found in the accompanying user guide which can be downloaded from the EXFO website via the following link:  OX1 User guide download page