How to update a PX1 using the Testflow Mobile Application

Applies to

PX1, Testflow


The application on your unit has been preinstalled and configured at the factory. However, you may have to upgrade it when newer versions become available. Your unit allows you to check for updates, download these updates and install them directly.

You can upgrade your PX1 unit using it's Bluetooth connection or by connecting the unit to a computer Updating a PX1 using a computer and USB cable.

Procedure to follow

Your unit must have access to a Bluetooth connection to be able to download updates and install them. 



There is a known issue with some Android Smartphones when running the Testflow Mobile application and trying to pair with the PX1 unit.

As an alternative it is recommended using the Updating a PX1 using a computer and USB cable method.


For a trouble-free upgrade, ensure that you connect your unit to a power outlet and that your unit remains on during all the process.

Follow these steps to upgrade your unit

  1. Connect your unit to an external power source with the provided USB power adapter.
  2. If it is not already done, turn on your unit.
  3. If it is not already done, download and open the TestFlow application and establish the connection to your unit.
    To have more information on how to establish a Bluetooth connection between TestFlow and your unit, please refer to page 69 of the PX1 user manual.
  4. Ensure that your unit has access to Bluetooth for the whole duration of the update.
  5. From the main PX1 screen, tap the icon to access the menu, then select .
  6. Under Unit settings, tap Software update.

  7. The unit will look for an available update. If it finds one, you can tap Install update to proceed with the installation.

Note: The update can take a few minutes to complete.