How to update a PX1 using a USB connection

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The application on your unit has been preinstalled and configured at the factory. However, you may have to upgrade it when new versions become available. Your unit allows you to check for updates, download these updates and install them directly.

You can upgrade your unit by connecting to a computer using a USB cable.


Procedure to follow


You must first download the latest version of the firmware binary file from Software Download / Handheld units section on the EXFO web site and have it on the computer you plan to use for the update prior to upgrading your unit.

To upgrade the application:

  1.  If it is not already done, turn on your unit.
  2. Connect the USB cable to an available port on the computer and to the PX1.
  3. If you have results on your unit and want to copy them elsewhere on your computer, please refer to KB article Viewing PX1 test results in FastReporter 3.
    Once the file preparation is complete, a window opens on the computer to display the list. Leave this window open.
  4. Still in the transfer window on the computer, select the Software Update folder and place the new firmware binary file in it.