Importing test configurations to your EXFO Exchange Organization

Applies to

EXFO Exchange


In Exchange, when creating jobs to define the tests to execute in advance, you can also associate specific test configurations to those jobs. This will ensure that the technician in the field will use the correct thresholds when executing his tests.

Prior to associating a test configuration to a job, you will need to import those configurations to your organization account.

This simple procedure will show you how to import you own test configurations to you organization in EXFO Exchange.

Procedure to follow

Importing test configurations is managed by the Exchange web application. Once you are logged in, please follow these steps to import a new configuration to your organization.

1. If not done already, select your organization from the top-right menu, next to your name.

2. On the left navigation menu, click on the Settings icon, then Test configurations.

3. Click on the Import button to open the Import test configuration dialog

4. Browse and select the test configuration file from your file system, then click Import.

5. The list of available test configurations should refresh, including your new test configuration.