Explaining the different EXFO accounts

Applies to

EXFO website, TestFlow, Exchange


To offer a vast variety of services and continuously improving user experience, EXFO offers different accounts where you may be requested to log in with your credentials. This article explains the different applications and will help you select the appropriate login for the service you want to use.

This article covers;

A. EXFO Website,

B. EXFO Exchange,

C. TestFlow.



A. EXFO Website

Web URL: https://www.exfo.com/en/accounts/login?returnurl=/en/

What you use this for;

  • To download software from EXFO Apps,
  • to request or manage RMA's, 
  • for accessing product registration and My Products.


B. EXFO Exchange

Web URL: https://exfoexchange.com/

IOS and Android Apps:

What you use this for;

  • Access FastReporter 3 full version (see below)
  • Access Exchange organization account
  • Connect and manage test results from certain EXFO instruments

Note: New features are being regularly added to Exchange

For more information on EXFO Exchange, you can visit https://docs.exfoexchange.com/.


C. TestFlow

Web URL: https://testflow.exfo.com 

IOS and Android Apps:

What you use this for;

  • Access FastReporter 3 using TestFlow licensing (see image below)
  • Access TestFlow Organisations you are a member of.
  • Create, perform, and assign Jobs managed by TestFlow