Inviting users to your EXFO Exchange Organization from the web application

Applies to

EXFO EXchange


This article explains how to invite users to your EXFO Exchange organization.

Users can have one of the following roles:

  • Member
  • Contractor Admin
  • Administrator

To understand the different roles, please consult Roles and permissions in EXFO Exchange

The procedure below explains how to invite the users.

Procedure to follow

Once you are logged in to your Exchange account, you can invite collaborators (users) to join your organization.

IMPORTANT: Before inviting users, you should understand the workspace hierarchy. This is fully explained in Managing your workspaces in EXFO Exchange.

1. Select the Workspace to which you want to invite the Users. In this case we select the Troubleshooting Team

2. Select the invite button.

3. Select the Role you want the user to have. In this case we will select Member.

4. Enter the email addresses of those you want to invite.

5. Select Invite. The user will now have access to the organization account at the selected Workspace hierarchy.

6. Repeat the above steps for other User roles and/or Workspaces.

7. To review the members in a particular Workspace, select the workspace and then select the members icon.

8. You will then see all the users and their roles in the Workspace.

Additional Information

A - You can also invite additional users from this page.

B - If you have a list of users to invite, you can use the Import Members feature. A sample file format is provided to assist you.

C - You can also change the user roles from this page.