EXFO Exchange - Password Recovery email not received

Applies to

FastReporter3, EXFO Exchange


EXFO Exchange - Password recovery has been requested, but the expected email has not been received. 

Procedure to follow

NOTE: The EXFO Exchange password recovery email is sent from the following address: noreply@exfoexchange.com

1. First you should check your email application's spam and/or junk folder to see if the email has been directed there.

2. If the email is not present in your spam/junk folder, then you should to contact your local IT department and ensure that the email address has not been quarantined or otherwise blocked.

If the address and/or domain is blocked, your local IT department will need to whitelist the email address so that you can receive the account recovery email.

3. If you are still not receiving the password recovery email after these steps, then you will need to contact EXFO Technical Support for assistance.