Finding the replacement model for a discontinued product

Applies to

Most discontinued products


The procedure below will explain how to find the replacement model for a discontinued product.


Procedure to follow

1. The first step is to find on the EXFO website the discontinued product. There are 2 easy ways to do this.

 a. From the Global site search.

    • In this case I am looking for the FOT-930.

    •  Hit search and from the results, select the line containing reference to DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS

b. From the Discontinued Products page

    • In the Support menu, select the Discontinued products item.

    • Enter the product you are searching for.

    • Select the link in the results corresponding to your product

2. Once you are on the discontinued product page, you will find useful information such as; the discontinued date, service-end date, spec sheet, and user manual.

3. For most products ( you may have to scroll down) you will also see a link to the Replacement products section.

4. In that section you will find the recommended replacement model(s) for the discontinued product, in this case the MaxTester 940/945 series.