Performing a factory reset on the FIP-500

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This procedure is documented in the user manual under the section,  Restoring Your Unit to Normal Operation.

The procedure is useful if you ever encounter problems with your unit, or if for any other reason you want to perform a factory reset to the initial state as it was at time of purchase. 


Note: If your FIP-500 has a manufacturing date on or before October 2021, please check with EXFO Technical Support before performing this procedure.             

Procedure to follow

1. Ensure that your unit is completely off (not in sleep mode). If necessary, turn off your unit by pressing the on/off button for about three seconds. A shutdown animation will be displayed on the screen.

2. Connect your unit to a power outlet using the provided USB power adapter. This will ensure that your unit remains powered on during the whole recovery operation.

3. Press and hold the trigger.

4. While you keep the trigger down, press the on/off button until the unit beeps once. Release the on/off button, but not the trigger.

5. Keep the trigger down until the Recovery page is displayed, then release the trigger.

6. Read the instructions, and if you choose to perform the recovery operation, tap FACTORY RESET.

7. Read the instructions, and then confirm the operation by tapping FACTORY RESET. Wait for the operation to complete.

8. A message will inform you when the operation is complete. Tap RESTART.

9. Once your unit has restarted, read and accept the EXFO license agreement, set the date and time, and read safety instructions as you did when you first received your unit (see Configuring Your Unit at First Startup on page 19 of the user manual).

10. If desired, perform a software upgrade to ensure that your unit is up to date (see Upgrading Software on page 129 of the user manual).

11. You are now ready to work with your unit.