FTB-2 Pro - Unable to perform touchscreen calibration - Control grayed out

Applies to

FTB-2 Pro Windows 8.1


On legacy FTB-2 PRO running Windows 8.1, there was a SW update that resulted in the touchscreen calibration control to be grayed out, and therefore no longer available. The procedure below explains how to roll back a driver so that the touchscreen calibration can be performed.

Procedure to follow

1. On your unit go to “ToolBox/System Settings/Control Panel/System and Security/System/Device Manager”.

2. Expand “Mice and other pointing devices”.

3. Right click on “USB Touchscreen Controller (Universal)”.

4. Click “Properties”

5. Click “Roll back driver”.

6. Once completed the driver should be as the picture below in “Device Manager”.

7. The touch screen can now be calibrated.