How to disable the touchscreen on a FTB platform?

Applies to

FTB-1v2/Pro, FTB-2/Pro, FTB-4/Pro


If the touchscreen display is not functioning correctly, or is damaged, this procedure will outline the steps to disable the touchscreen. A USB mouse, or pointer device, will be required to navigate the platform.

Procedure to follow

To disable the touchscreen: 

1. In the task bar, select the Windows search

2. Type Device Manager in the search bar

3. Launch the Device Manager

4. In the Device Manager, expand the Human Interface Devices

5. Right click (or hold down the curser) on HID-compliant touch screen

6. Select Properties

7. Enter into the Driver tab and select Disable Device

8. A warning message will appear, confirming if you really want to disable the touchscreen. After selecting Yes, the touchscreen will become unresponsive. To operate the device, a USB mouse and/or USB keyboard is required. 

To re-enable the touchscreen:

1. Follow steps 1 through 7 above to get into the HID-compliant touch screen Properties

2. Select Enable Device in the Driver tab