FIP-400B USB device no longer responding or connecting to CMAX 2

Applies to

FIP-400B USB series probes


If you have an FIP-400B USB device (410B, 420B and 430B ) that is not seen by the CMAX 2 application or does not connect to the CMAX 2 application, a firmware update to the FIP may be required.

The procedure below explains how to perform the firmware update.

Procedure to follow

FIP-410B/420B/430B–Forcing Firmware update

Before starting


  • Ideally the PC should have the latest version of ConnectorMax 2.
  • Please make sure that the FIP is NOT CONNECTED
  • Start ConnectorMax 2  on the PC.



1. Press and hold down the Capture and Magnification control buttons.


2. While holding the 2 buttons, plug the probe's USB connector to the PC.

3. You should get the following message appear on screen.

NOTE: If you do not see the above after connecting the USB, please try another USB port on the computer.


4. You can now let go of the buttons and select "Update" to start the process.



5. Important Note: Please do not disconnect the FIP while the update is in progress.

6. After the update, the probe should be up and running.

7. If after this procedure, the probe is still not responding,  an RMA for repair may be required.