RMA services available for specific products or product families

Applies to

Most Test and Measurement division products


How can I find the services available and the service pricing for a product?


This information is available in our on-line RMA Request tool. The services and associated prices will be displayed.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the RMA Request page and select Start here in the Create-a-new-RMA box.

2. Log in to your EXFO account

3. Select New RMA request.

4. Add the serial number of your product, and tap Search.

5. A window will appear that shows all the available services for that product.

In this case, you can see that there are several calibration services, a repair service, and also  a No Service Required. The No Service is selected when you are sending in a kit where you may not require a calibration or repair on a specific serial number.

NOTE: You can continue to create your RMA request if you are ready, or you can delete the RMA request if you were only looking for service availability, warranty information and/or pricing.