How to generate a .SOR file from an iOLM test file

Applies to

FastReporter 3


You can generate an OTDR trace in .SOR file format from an iOLM file in FastReporter 3. 

Procedure to follow

1. Open the iOLM file in FastReporter 3 and right-click on the file (or files) for which you want to create a .SOR

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2. From the options select ‘’Export’’ (1) and the ‘’To OTDR SOR file’’ (2)

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3. Then from the ‘’Export’’ window you have the choice to ‘’Save the file to the disk and open’’, ‘’Save to disk only’’ or ‘’Load in memory only’’ to use for the report by example. (1) You also have the option of selecting the desired location to save the file. (2) Finally when you are ready select ‘’OK’’ to generate the file. (3)


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If you selected ‘’Save to disk and open’’ the file will be displayed in the application.


Note:  The iOLM file used in this example had 2 wavelengths (1310nm and 1550nm) and that the application created two .SOR files, one for the 1310nm and one for the 1550nm. This is because .SOR file can only support one wavelength per file.



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