Unable to focus FIP-400B series fiber inspection probe

Applies to

FIP-410B, FIP-415B, FIP-420B, FIP-425B, FIP-430B, FIP-435B


The FIP Fiber Inspection Probe may encounter conditions where the focus is poor and prevent a clear capture and analysis. A crisp and clear image is needed for both automatic and visual analysis.

Below are some troubleshooting steps to help optimize the focus.

Troubleshooting steps

Possible Cause 1: Auto-Focus is not available

Proposed Solution:

  • On FIP-410B and FIP-420B, Auto-focus is not available. Refer to the user guide or spec sheet for more information.
  • On these models, you will need to manually focus with the Focus knob on the probe while maximizing the Focus indicator in the ConnectorMax application.


Possible Cause 2: Auto-Focus is disabled

Proposed Solution:

  • Use ConnectorMAX to enable this feature in the FIP controls.


  • Auto-focus starts automatically only for the first fiber.
  • Hold the magnification control button on the FIP probe for >1 second to reactivate the auto-focus process.


Possible Cause 3: The Connector is very dirty or damaged.

Proposed Solution:

  • Try to clean the connector.
  • Re-insert and try to focus.


Possible Cause 4: The Connector is not fully inserted into tip.

Proposed Solution:

  • Ensure that the connector is fully inserted.
  • Remove and reinsert connector into the tip, and then try to focus once again.


Possible Cause 5: Incorrect or incompatible tip.

Proposed Solution:

  • Ensure the correct FIP tip for your application is installed.
  • There are many different tips specific to connector types and ferrule size.
  • Use an APC tip for APC (mostly green) connectors,  UPC tip for UPC (mostly blue) connectors.
  • The APC tips will have an angle matching the APC connector end-face angle.
  • If testing single-fiber APC connectors using a universal tip, ensure the key is properly aligned.
  • Use the appropriate multifiber (MPO) tip for multifiber connectors.


Possible Cause 6: Incorrect test configuration selected.

Proposed Solution:

  •  Ensure the correct Test Configuration is selected in ConnectorMAX, including the fiber type, connector type and tip.


Possible Cause 7: Trying to inspect the receive (Rx) side of a transceiver ( SFP, XFP, or other).

Proposed Solution:

  • Usually you should be able to inspect the transmit (Tx) side of a transceiver using the appropriate test configuration settings in ConnectorMax software.
  • However, the receive (Rx) side will typically have a non-contact connection with a lens. This will not be easy to focus for analysis.
  • You may try a manual focus and visual inspection.