Where can I find EXFO's free trace-view software?

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FastReporter 3 ToolBox Office


Where can I find EXFO's free trace-view software?


Since EXFO has discontinued the support and distribution of ToolBox Office, we recommend the use of our FastReporter 3 reporting application with the free  EXFO EXchange license. You can download FastReporter 3 from the EXFO website Download Software page or access directly the version for PC using this link FastReporter 3.

If required, please refer to related articles on downloading and installing FastReporter 3 for additional details. 

Please Note:

  • You will need to login to your EXFO account or register to create your account, in order to access the download area. 
  • If you are using the Basic or Starter version of FastReporter 3, you can now access a free "full version" of FastReporter 3. All you need to do is update to, or download FastReporter 3 version 3.10 or later. When you sign in, you have the option of creating an EXFO Exchange account which will give you access to a full version of FastReporter 3.
  • Consult this article " Get started with FastReporter 3.10 and over " as part of the EXFO Exchange's user documentation for the full procedure.
  • For more information on EXFO Exchange, you can visit https://docs.exfoexchange.com/.