FIP Inspection Probe will not Auto-Focus

Applies to

FIP-415B, FIP-430B, FIP-435B


When using the FIP Inspection Probe, why is the Auto-Focus not working?


The following FIP Inspection Probes support Auto-Focus.

  • FIP-415B
  • FIP-430B
  • FIP-435B

Under the FIP Controls, the automatic features will be listed, including the Auto Focus feature.

IF the Auto-Focus is disabled, a manual focus will be required using the focus knob.

The Focus Indicator bar will show whether the current view is optimized for capture. A green indicator shows a picture that can be captured and analyzed. Analysis will be more difficult with a yellow indicator, and impossible with a red indicator. 

Here is an example of the status indicator on ConnectorMAX mobile.

Here is an example of the focus status indicator on ConnectorMAX PC. 

Note: the Auto-Focus feature is ONLY available in live video mode, and starts automatically once a fiber is plugged in.

If the Auto-Focus is not working: 

  • Ensure the connector is seated and aligned properly
  • Disable and re-enable the Auto-Focus
  • Ensure live mode is selected
  • Re-insert the fiber into the probe