PM/VFL application ICON missing from MAX Optical tester homescreen

Applies to

MAX-700B/C/D series, MAX-FIP, MAX-900 series, MAX-5205


Power Meter - VFL Software ICON is missing from MAX Optical tester desktop / homescreen on boot up.


Troubleshooting steps

‚ÄčPossible Cause 1: Your unit is not configured with the optional PM/VFL mini-module.

Proposed Solution:

  • The application icon will only be present if a mini-module is installed. If there is no PM/VFL mini-module, it is normal that the application icon is not displayed.


Possible Cause 2: The PM/VFL mini-module is incorrectly seated in the unit.

Proposed Solution:

  • Reseat the PM/VFL module in the unit.
  • Press and hold the On/Off button a few seconds until the unit beeps once to put it in shutdown mode.
  • Disconnect the unit from its external power source.
  • Put on a wrist (or an ankle) antistatic strap and ensure that it is grounded properly.
  • Place the unit vertically so that its front panel (display) is facing you.
  • On the top panel of the unit, locate the PM/VFL.

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  • Using a screwdriver, remove the four screws.
  • By holding the PM/VFL by its faceplate, gently pull it out of the bay completely and make a visual inspection of all electrical connectors.

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  • If visual inspection is good, carefully re-align the PM/VFL with the corresponding bay and gently slide the PM/VFL into the bay until its faceplate is flush. Push firmly with your thumb to ensure a good electrical contact.

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  • Using the screwdriver, secure the PM/VFL in place with the 4 screws that you had removed.
  • Power the unit back on.
  • Check whether the PM/VFL application icon is now present on the desktop.


Possible Cause 3: A file may have become corrupted.

Proposed Solution:


Possible Cause 4:  PM/VFL module or MaxTester  is damaged or faulty.

Proposed Solution

  • Please raise an RMA for repair.