Forcing a firmware update on FIP-435B

Applies to

FIP 415B, FIP-435B, FIP-425B


Here is a short procedure on how to force a firmware update on the wireless FIP-415B, FIP-425B and FIP-435B.


This could be useful in the following situations;

  • If the fiber inspection probe is unable to be detected either by the CMAX2 PC application or the CMAX2 mobile application,
  • If you experience a "Critical Internal Error" message while using the probe,
  • When the probe no longer connects over Wi-Fi.

Procedure to follow

  1. Download and install the latest version of ConnectorMax 2 on the PC.

    1. Download from this link: 
    2. Unzip the folder
    3. If your OS is 32-bit open the "32 Bit" folder and click on "Setup"
    4. If your OS is 64-bit open the "64 Bit" folder and click on "Setup"


  1. Before continuing, please make sure that the Probe is turned off and ConnectorMax2 application is NOT running.
  2. Connect the probe to the PC using the USB cable supplied with the unit. With this cable you can be sure to have a cable that supports both charging and data.
  3. Start the ConnectorMax2 application.
  4. Press and hold down the Capture and Magnification control buttons, then power on the probe (press power button) while still holding the capture and magnification buttons. (see image below)


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  1. You should see the following message appear on screen.


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  1. You can now let go of the 3 buttons, then select Update to force the firmware update.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not disconnect the probe during the update process.


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9.  If the FW update does not proceed as expected, or if after having performed the update, you still have a problem, please contact EXFO Technical Support.