How to download and install a previous software image for a MAX optical tester

Applies to

MAX-700B/C/D series, MAX-FIP, MAX-900 series, MAX-5205


This procedure will guide you through the installation of a previous software image for your MAX Optical tester.

Procedure to follow

To install a previous version of the software image on your Max Optical tester:

1. From the EXFO website, download the software image required to your PC or laptop

2. Extract the installation files as follows:

     2a. Using Windows Explorer, double-click the file you have just downloaded (self-extracting file).

     2b. Specify the root of your USB key as the destination to extract the files to.

3. Connect the USB key containing the installation files to your unit.

4. On your MaxTester, start the Software Update tool (Configuration > Software Updates)

5. Tap the Check for Updates button to start the installation process.

Check for Software Updates

6. If the USB key connected to the MAX tester has a different software image to that installed then you will get the following message:

Software update detected

7. Selecting the Yes option will start the installation process which will include a restart of the unit.