How to install FastReporter 2 on a computer

Applies to

FastReporter 2


Instructions on how to install FastReporter 2 on your computer, once you have downloaded the application. 

If you have not downloaded the application yet, please refer to the article on how to download FastReporter. 

Please note that the instructions in this procedure refer to the 64 bits version but it can also be use for the 32 bits version.

Procedure to follow

1. Before you try to install or select the FastReporter 2 file you downloaded, you will need to unzip the file. So the first thing we suggest is to create a new folder on your computer desktop and name it ‘’FR2’’.

2. On your computer go to the ‘’Downloads’’ folder and open the ''FastReporter 2'' file you downloaded ‘’FastReporter 2.22 64-bits.exe’’

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3. From the WinZip Self-Extractor window, select ‘’Browse’’ and find the folder ‘’FR2’’  you created in step1. Once you selected the right folder, select ‘’Unzip’’

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4. Once the unzipping is done, from the ‘’Desktop’’, open the ‘’FR2’’ folder and select the ‘’Setup.exe’’ file to launch the Install Wizard. Follow the instruction at the screen.

5. When the install is completed the FastReporter 2 (64 Bit) icon will appear on your desktop. You are now ready to start the application.