MAX Optical tester touchscreen is not responsive.

Applies to

MAX-700B/C/D series, MAX-FIP, MAX-900 series, MAX-5205


The MAX Optical tester touchscreen is no longer responsive to user input.

Troubleshooting steps

Possible Cause 1: The touchscreen was pressed during boot up of the unit.

Proposed Solution:

  • Carry out a hardware reset of the unit (hold power button for 12 seconds), then make sure during the boot up process that the user or another pressure point is not touching the screen.


Possible Cause 2: A screen calibration was carried out using a different power source.

Proposed Solution:

  • Changes in the power source may impact the touch screen calibration. 
  • Before proceeding  with the new calibration, you may want to ensure that your unit currently uses the same power source (battery or AC) that will be used most of the time.
  • You can connect a USB keyboard to the unit and start the calibration application directly by pressing CTRL + ALT +T


Possible Cause 3: The touchscreen screen protector is misaligned

Proposed Solution:

  • If there is a screen protector fitted to the unit's touchscreen, ensure it is aligned correctly. Remove and retest the responsiveness of the touchscreen.


Possible Cause 4: There may be a system configuration issue

Proposed Solution:


Possible Cause 5: There is damage to or failure of the touchscreen

Proposed Solution:

  • Cracks, scratches or component failure may occur.
  • As a temporary workaround, you can connect a wired USB mouse  and/or keyboard to the MaxTester. This will allow you to continue with your testing. 
  • The touchscreen is a serviceable part and can be replaced at an EXFO authorized service center.
  • Please request an RMA for repair.