Calibration and verification services available

Applies to

Most T&M products


What are the different calibration and verification test services generally available?


When creating your RMA and depending on the specific product, different calibration and verification services may be available in the on-line RMA application.

For example;



The different options are explained below:

Calibration - Calibration  services are offered on products where EXFO performs a calibration measurement traceable to a national standard or a physical constant. Where necessary, adjustments are performed. Calibration and Verification services include a Certificate of Calibration containing measurement standards, test results, uncertainties, and as-left data.

Connector Replacement with Calibration - This service includes everything in the basic Calibration service PLUS an optical connector replacement.

Calibration with As-Found Results - This service includes an As-Found calibration, a connector replacement where necessary, followed by a full adjustment and as-left calibration. 

Priority Calibration - This service ensures an at-EXFO turn around of less than 5 days

Functional Test - This includes a full test and verification service  however a Test Report is generally provided in place of a Certificate of Calibration . 

Priority Functional Test - This service ensures an at-EXFO turn around of less than 5 days for products offering the Functional Test service.